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Geomag Magnetic Educational STEM Toys


In 1998 Geomag invented the first magnetic construction toy. Simple elements, such as magnetic rods and metal spheres, are held together by a magical force of attraction to build amazing structures, unleashing creativity and imagination as you play.

Over the years they have got millions of people playing with there products and they have realized that magnetism is just one of the many invisible forces that bring life to the Geomagworld platforms.

Creativity, intelligence, the human mind, magnetism and even gravity are all invisible energies that make the play experience with there products fun and educational.

AMBROGIO BECCARIA is the rising star of international ocean sailing. He has always been a big fan Geomag and so they are lending him their support to help him fulfil his dream of winning the Mini-Transat 2019, a unique competition that consists of crossing the Atlantic alone in a small sailing boat just 6.5 meters long. Although Ambrogio has only been part of the Mini 6.50 racing circuit for the last couple of years, he has won almost everything thanks to his skills as a sailor and expert navigator. Expertise, determination, tenacity, intelligence and willpower push Ambrogio and his beautiful boat “Geomag” to make the most of the force of the wind and sea.

Learning by playing. Geomagworld is dedicated to learning by playing. Geomag education construction platforms embody this philosophy and they are taking products and the magic of invisible forces into schools.The inspiration behind this project came directly from teachers who over the years and in many different countries have used Geomag products as teaching tools.

Geomag products definitely qualify as tools for STEM learning. STEM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to learning, where students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in contexts that represent real-life experiences and applications.

With Geomag fun is guaranteed. Imagination, intelligence, magnetism and gravity are only some of the invisible forces that make play experience fun and educational.