Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens – We’re launching a beautiful Spring Gift

Educational toys are always in demand and we all perhaps try to find ways to engage our children with toys and gifts that require attention and that offer some learning curves. Here we introduce the fantastic Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens. If you’ve never seen them before don’t be too surprised. While they are a total staple of school life for nursery and primary school children every year, this product is perhaps not at the forefront of the mind.

What is it?

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden offers a unique and engaging way of allowing children (and adults) the chance to see a Butterfly life cycle up close! Each pack contains a Butterfly Garden net and vouchers to get live caterpillars. Watch them grow in their own specialised tub, see them turn in to chrysalides and hey presto, after a short time see Painted Lady butterflies emerge!

Keep them for a day or two and then allow your children to release them for an absolutely amazing experience.

What do you get in a kit?

In the Standard Butterfly Kit you get a good sized net that zips at the top and a voucher for five live caterpillars (delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays each week). The caterpillars come in their own self-contained pot with all the food that they will need as they go through their life cycle.

Can you re-use the kit?

Yes! You can buy replacement caterpillar vouchers each and every year.

Good reasons to buy a Butterfly Garden Kit.

  • They are great educational toys teaching children about wildlife, while also allowing up-close and personal encounters (butterflies will often be happy to perch on a finger).
  • They are great value. Buy one kit and each year just top-up with a new voucher.
  • They get children outside and engaged.
  • They are ideal for schools as class projects. Easy to manage, no fuss yet packed full of information!

We will be launching the new range right here on Straight 2 You so make sure you come back to get yours or contact us and we’ll drop you an email when they arrive!

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