More New Toys Arriving at Straight 2 You

Despite toys often being seen as a seasonal thing, we have some great new items on their way to us at Straight 2 You.

So in today’s blog, we thought we would share just a few of them with our readers, to help give some inspiration for a birthday or even an Easter gift (especially if you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate).

  1. Tobar Rainbow Pin Art – A great twist on the original pin art of the 80s, this is a rainbow version and it’s absolutely awesome! Ideal for young or not so young, it works by allowing you to push pins to create shapes .

2. The weather may not be 100% ideal right now, but rest assured Spring will be here and the kids will be itching to get outside! If you’re looking for something that’s fantastic fun – even when early evening approaches, then this UFO light up swing is going to be of interest! It flashes brightly and will bring hours of fun! It will also attach to most swing sets or zip lines so it’s super-versatile.

3. Finally, if you love the idea of creative play, then why not opt for these high quality Rainbow Bells. Great for coordination, they come complete with music and are so easy to use.

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