Jigsaw Puzzles Making a Real Comeback

Not so very long ago, jigsaw puzzles were perhaps considered ‘old-hat’ and sadly for a while, unless you were very young a jigsaw was no replacement for an iPad! These days, thanks to a few celebrities and a change in focus, jigsaw puzzles are back on the table again (literally) and a favourite for families looking for something they can all contribute towards.

Whether it’s a few minutes chatting around a piece on the kitchen table or a regular past time, the wealth of puzzles and designs is truly inspiring!

Jigsaw Puzzles originate from around the 1760s, when map makers in European countries put maps on to wood with a paste and then cut them into pieces. It was actually John Spilsbury, a map maker and engraver who was credited with inventing the very first jigsaw puzzle in 1767. And from then on, the jigsaw puzzle subject matter has grown from maps through to animals, paintings, floral scenes and even celebrities!

Jigsaw Puzzles for adults actually came around the early 1900s and it did not take long before people got quite addicted to them. The interesting thing was that in those days, there were no pieces to signal transitions – that is to say most pieces were cut to a colour on the lines and therefore were very challenging as you couldn’t simply ‘sort the bits’ easily.

These days, puzzles have become so much more sophisticated and while they are challenging, there are common elements that professional puzzlers expect to see in a good jigsaw puzzle.

So why are jigsaw puzzles good for you?

Puzzles are good for improving memory as our short-term memory involves memorising shapes and colours as part of a bigger picture. Equally, our visual reasoning is improved and even our IQ has been known to increase with long-term puzzling, so it’s easy to see why so many people have adopted it as a pass time.

Another benefit to jigsaw puzzles is simply family time. It’s a great way for people to come together to achieve a common goal that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a TV or time on a phone or tablet!

If you’d like to try out some puzzles, why not take a look at our range? We’ve got a great supply of them for all ages!


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