Butterfly Gardens are finally Flying In

It is with great pleasure that we’re delighted to tell you that our Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens are finally coming in! Ideal for the up and coming Spring (yes it is on its way), Insect Lore have just started to despatch the live caterpillars. So now is a great time to order your first kit!

Don’t forget, the thing about Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens is that they are the market leader, have a wonderful track record and the nets can be used over and over again every year! So they offer amazing value for money and more importantly perhaps, they will engage all ages of children and adults!

So what do you get in a kit?

Each Standard Butterfly Garden Kit includes:

  • A Pop-up habitat net that measures 30cm in height. The net includes a zip at the top and on the side.
  • 3 to 5 live caterpillars (these are sent separately) and include their food for their growth phase.
  • Feeding Pipette (for when the butterflies hatch)
  • Instructions

The Giant Butterfly Kit includes:

  • 45cm high, collapsible and reusable habitat
  • 6 to 10 live caterpillars with food (redeemable vouchers for use online via Insect Lore)
  • Painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines. These are ideal for educational purposes
  • Feeding pipette
  • Instruction guide

If you’ve already purchased a butterfly garden then you can buy the refil vouchers directly from us. Simply redeem online at no extra cost and you can enjoy another year of amazing butterflies!

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