Official Stockist for Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens

Well, we’ve been talking about them for a while and now they’re finally here! Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens.

These fantastic educational toys are so much fun and with the current issues with schools closing to some students, they’re a great way to keep children (and adults) occupied at home for about five weeks at least!

They’re also often used on the school curriculum at this time of year, so it’s a good way to keep the little ones on track with their learning fairly easily.

Each kit includes a voucher for five caterpillars, a butterfly pavilion, food for the caterpillars and a feeding pipette – plus if you upgrade to the Giant Butterfly Kit you can enjoy a butterfly / caterpillar life cycle kit for free too!

We have the standard butterfly kits on special offer right now at £14.99 – down from £18.99 while stocks last.

Why not fly over to our standard kit right now and see if a butterfly garden from Insect Lore is for you…


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