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Educating at Home during Coronavirus

If you’re a parent you are no doubt under pressure to try and keep the children entertained right now but you may also want to make sure their free-time is still constructive. They may well have been set homework from school and that is great, but when they need some relief from actual maths, how can you help them learn while making it fun?

In today’s blog, we take a look at educating at home during the Coronavirus and what kind of educational items you can invest in to keep the children happy and mentally challenged! From Stem science related toys through to biological wonders, here at Straight 2 You we’ve worked hard to ensure we’ve covered it all!


One of the best selling toys right now is not really a toy as such but an educational wonder, The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit has to be one of the best items out there right now. Year after year this magical set keeps children and adults occupied for a while, as they watch caterpillars grow in to butterflies. A staple of primary and even junior school classes, the butterfly garden helps children to see wildlife up close, to be part of its journey and to understand just a bit about biology. Each kit will be engaging for about five weeks as it starts with the caterpillars that eat their way to chrysalides.

Another great science related item that can help children understand our very own solar system is the Glowing Solar System Planetarium Model. This great interactive piece can be built and when it’s complete, your child can learn all manner of things about our planet and the planets that exist in our solar system. Great for adding some physics to the teaching without being too intensive.

For an immersive and experience that will engage all kinds of little brains the Educational Science Museum Amazing Secret Garden is fantastic for creating an amazing secret garden at home. It can be decorated by sowing and cultivating climbing plants. The kit includes everything you would need to create a magical garden including the seeds and at just £8.99 it offers excellent value. Recommended Age 7+ years.

For those who want to encourage some more tactile play, the slimy Science Museum Lab will give lots of joy! This exciting game allows children to experiment and obviously with slime involved it’s a winner for many!


For indoor toys with an engineering and physics angle, then you cannot go wrong with Geomag Toys! This fantastic range of toys are so popular with both girls and boys and they allow full-on creativity!

We still have these in stock and they will please even the most challenging minds!

Outdoor Toys

If you’re struggling to keep the energy expelled, then our range of outdoor toys are sure to please. One favourite at the moment is the moving hoop basket ball game! It’s easy enough when it’s stationary, but how easy is it to score a hoop when it’s moving?

We’ve such a large selection of toys to choose from why not hop over to our main site to discover them?