Top Ten Outdoor Toys at Straight 2 You

If you’re already going a bit stir crazy and you’re looking for things to do then you’ll like our Top Ten Outdoor Toys at Straight 2 You.

We’ve picked the top selling items this week that are great for keeping both younger and not so young busy in the garden or in the home, without too much space required!

While we all need to stay in-doors, we are allowed to venture into our gardens. So without further ado, here’s the top ten! Remember, we’re still despatching daily and delivering right to your door so you can stay as safe as possible right now.

1.Outdoor Swing Seat

If you’ve got a big enough outside space then this swing seat could be a great choice! It lights up and can be used with most swing sets. Kids will absolutely love it and while the later evenings approach, the light up factor will give it that little bit of an edge for them!

2.Boxing Punch Bag and Gloves Set

For expelling some energy this set is a great idea for both inside (for a playroom) or outside. Each kit includes a good quality punch bag and gloves.

3.Paw Patrol Bubble Party Set

If like a lot of other children your little one has seen birthday parties cancelled, bring a party atmosphere to them with this super-cool bubble party set with a Paw Patrol theme. It offers great value and is ideal for these sunny days!

4.Aluminium Tennis Set

Again, great for a garden setting, this set is ideal for both adults and children, offering a great way to keep fit and break the boredom easily enough. Each kit includes two rackets and a ball set.

5.Bosch Summer Garden Tools Set

Looking for something they can do that’s both practical and educational in the garden? This is it! This high quality kit is suitable for young would-be gardeners and includes:

1 Trolley
1 Grass Trimmer
1 Watering Can,
1 Large Shovel,
1 Large Rake,
1 Floor Shovel,
1 Sand Rack

6.Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore

One of our favourites, this interactive and educational toy is going to engage everyone! Watch as real caterpillars make the journey into butterflies! Each kit includes a net, feeding pipette and live caterpillars. This is a wonderful way to keep children occupied and it is actually often on the primary syllabus each year. A top educational gift and the net can be used again and again!

7.Crazy Gold Garden Set Games

Who doesn’t like a bit of crazy golf? This set is a great way to pass the time and if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can always create some extra challenges! Whether it’s a shot at getting a ball into a flower pot or through a home made tunnel, you’re sure to enjoy the challenge! This game is great for families too!

8.Play Doh Fold and Go Playset

Great for indoors and out, this play set is great for getting children’s creative skills going and it’s good for improving co-ordination, so it’s both fun and good for the mind.

9.Peppa Pig Bubble Party Playset

Another great outdoor toy if a birthday party has been cancelled is this bubble play set inspired by Peppa Pig. It’s ideal for a sunny afternoon and will keep them occupied!

10.Table Top Football Game

Another great way to spend some time is with this funky table top football game. Whatever team you support you can play in their league against a worthy opponent.

We have a great selection of goodies available and with more items being restocked daily (for example Tobar products) so if something is showing out of stock, do drop us a line and we will be able to give you an delivery estimate!

Butterfly Gardens are finally Flying In

It is with great pleasure that we’re delighted to tell you that our Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens are finally coming in! Ideal for the up and coming Spring (yes it is on its way), Insect Lore have just started to despatch the live caterpillars. So now is a great time to order your first kit!

Don’t forget, the thing about Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens is that they are the market leader, have a wonderful track record and the nets can be used over and over again every year! So they offer amazing value for money and more importantly perhaps, they will engage all ages of children and adults!

So what do you get in a kit?

Each Standard Butterfly Garden Kit includes:

  • A Pop-up habitat net that measures 30cm in height. The net includes a zip at the top and on the side.
  • 3 to 5 live caterpillars (these are sent separately) and include their food for their growth phase.
  • Feeding Pipette (for when the butterflies hatch)
  • Instructions

The Giant Butterfly Kit includes:

  • 45cm high, collapsible and reusable habitat
  • 6 to 10 live caterpillars with food (redeemable vouchers for use online via Insect Lore)
  • Painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines. These are ideal for educational purposes
  • Feeding pipette
  • Instruction guide

If you’ve already purchased a butterfly garden then you can buy the refil vouchers directly from us. Simply redeem online at no extra cost and you can enjoy another year of amazing butterflies!

Jigsaw Puzzles Making a Real Comeback

Not so very long ago, jigsaw puzzles were perhaps considered ‘old-hat’ and sadly for a while, unless you were very young a jigsaw was no replacement for an iPad! These days, thanks to a few celebrities and a change in focus, jigsaw puzzles are back on the table again (literally) and a favourite for families looking for something they can all contribute towards.

Whether it’s a few minutes chatting around a piece on the kitchen table or a regular past time, the wealth of puzzles and designs is truly inspiring!

Jigsaw Puzzles originate from around the 1760s, when map makers in European countries put maps on to wood with a paste and then cut them into pieces. It was actually John Spilsbury, a map maker and engraver who was credited with inventing the very first jigsaw puzzle in 1767. And from then on, the jigsaw puzzle subject matter has grown from maps through to animals, paintings, floral scenes and even celebrities!

Jigsaw Puzzles for adults actually came around the early 1900s and it did not take long before people got quite addicted to them. The interesting thing was that in those days, there were no pieces to signal transitions – that is to say most pieces were cut to a colour on the lines and therefore were very challenging as you couldn’t simply ‘sort the bits’ easily.

These days, puzzles have become so much more sophisticated and while they are challenging, there are common elements that professional puzzlers expect to see in a good jigsaw puzzle.

So why are jigsaw puzzles good for you?

Puzzles are good for improving memory as our short-term memory involves memorising shapes and colours as part of a bigger picture. Equally, our visual reasoning is improved and even our IQ has been known to increase with long-term puzzling, so it’s easy to see why so many people have adopted it as a pass time.

Another benefit to jigsaw puzzles is simply family time. It’s a great way for people to come together to achieve a common goal that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a TV or time on a phone or tablet!

If you’d like to try out some puzzles, why not take a look at our range? We’ve got a great supply of them for all ages!


Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens – We’re launching a beautiful Spring Gift

Educational toys are always in demand and we all perhaps try to find ways to engage our children with toys and gifts that require attention and that offer some learning curves. Here we introduce the fantastic Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens. If you’ve never seen them before don’t be too surprised. While they are a total staple of school life for nursery and primary school children every year, this product is perhaps not at the forefront of the mind.

What is it?

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden offers a unique and engaging way of allowing children (and adults) the chance to see a Butterfly life cycle up close! Each pack contains a Butterfly Garden net and vouchers to get live caterpillars. Watch them grow in their own specialised tub, see them turn in to chrysalides and hey presto, after a short time see Painted Lady butterflies emerge!

Keep them for a day or two and then allow your children to release them for an absolutely amazing experience.

What do you get in a kit?

In the Standard Butterfly Kit you get a good sized net that zips at the top and a voucher for five live caterpillars (delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays each week). The caterpillars come in their own self-contained pot with all the food that they will need as they go through their life cycle.

Can you re-use the kit?

Yes! You can buy replacement caterpillar vouchers each and every year.

Good reasons to buy a Butterfly Garden Kit.

  • They are great educational toys teaching children about wildlife, while also allowing up-close and personal encounters (butterflies will often be happy to perch on a finger).
  • They are great value. Buy one kit and each year just top-up with a new voucher.
  • They get children outside and engaged.
  • They are ideal for schools as class projects. Easy to manage, no fuss yet packed full of information!

We will be launching the new range right here on Straight 2 You so make sure you come back to get yours or contact us and we’ll drop you an email when they arrive!

Playing Outdoor can improve your child’s health

Playing Outdoor can improve your child’s health and also getting them off the couch. Outdoor activities are fun, exciting and important for children’s learning and development. While you’re having fun as a family, taking your children outdoors and supporting their play is also helping their development. It’s not just children, adults are spending less time outdoors as well.

Summer Garden Games

Outdoor Garden Games

Klein Outdoor Beach trolley”We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”-George Bernard Shaw

Kids Garden Tools

Bosch Outdoor Garden Tools

“When you’re outside and your parents are inside, out of sight, you’re in situations where you’re making your own decisions and taking chances—can I jump over that log or climb that tree? Or can we really dig a pit that can hide us from our friends/enemies in the game we’re playing? These kind of achievements—real achievements, not virtual achievements of killing monsters or stealing cars, building levels or whatever video game realities that people get wrapped up with now—were extremely defining for me and my sense of confidence and independence as a person.”—Justin Trudea

Outdoor Beach Trolley

There are many crucial reasons how outdoor activities can benefits your child’s well-being.

1. Builds physically healthier children.

2. Improves sleep

3. Care for the environment

4. Creativity

5. Learn social skills

6. Happiness and better immunity

7. Positive impact on the whole family

In day to day life, it can be really hard to make time for outdoor play, but even little time such as an hour in the garden, park or a picnic in the afternoon or evening could benefit kids health and growth in a extraordinary way.

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Twerking Llama will be 2019’s must have toy of the year

Available now, there is a new toy in the town. The robotic llama that dances to music and also twerks. Boppi the twerking llama from the Pets Alive range shakes its booty and dance to the three unique songs. 2019 London Toy Fair, experts reckon that the llama is set to become one of the must have toys of the year. Packaging refers as ‘Boppi the booty shaking llama’ which runs off 4 X AA batteries.

Zuru, have a range of living animals, from Dinosaurs, Snakes, Spiders, Cockroaches. According to experts, it is set to be the favourite toy of 2019. Many People think it will become as popular as Furbies.

twerking llama

twerking llama

Zuru is one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world and is known for their agility, creativity and new-age manufacturing techniques. #zuru #kidstoys #llama #twerkingllama #toyoftheyear #roboticllama #petsalive #boppi #straight2you #toys #games #trendingtoys

Headu Educational Toys For Kids

Manual skills + fantasy = guaranteed fun. In the new digital worlds, new ways of playing, learning and educating are necessary. Educational toys for kids has just what you need to keep your child busy in a beneficial way.

Discover the Headu method. More than 30 areas of competences on 6 extensive themes. It is based on a guaranteed, highly-effective teaching method structured in different phases that allows children to stimulating the gesture, touch, perception of the shapes, recognize words, expand their vocabulary and learn the correct pronunciation of word and so on.

All the games embrace areas of a humanistic, scientific, expressive, social or other type, and draw children to different topic in different ways, from several points of view, and by playing on various formae mentis. These educational games and puzzles will surely get that brain growing at any age.

Kids love toys and are enthralled by them and can never have enough of them. The good news here is that the toys aren’t just for entertainment. They can be educational too, and teach the kid a thing or two.

Kids learn by doing, which is why toys and games are the perfect tools for teaching. Educational toys and games allow children to wonder, discover, and explore the world around them through play. Explore our large selection of educational toys for kids on straight2you.

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Geomag Magnetic Educational STEM Toys


In 1998 Geomag invented the first magnetic construction toy. Simple elements, such as magnetic rods and metal spheres, are held together by a magical force of attraction to build amazing structures, unleashing creativity and imagination as you play.

Over the years they have got millions of people playing with there products and they have realized that magnetism is just one of the many invisible forces that bring life to the Geomagworld platforms.

Creativity, intelligence, the human mind, magnetism and even gravity are all invisible energies that make the play experience with there products fun and educational.

AMBROGIO BECCARIA is the rising star of international ocean sailing. He has always been a big fan Geomag and so they are lending him their support to help him fulfil his dream of winning the Mini-Transat 2019, a unique competition that consists of crossing the Atlantic alone in a small sailing boat just 6.5 meters long. Although Ambrogio has only been part of the Mini 6.50 racing circuit for the last couple of years, he has won almost everything thanks to his skills as a sailor and expert navigator. Expertise, determination, tenacity, intelligence and willpower push Ambrogio and his beautiful boat “Geomag” to make the most of the force of the wind and sea.

Learning by playing. Geomagworld is dedicated to learning by playing. Geomag education construction platforms embody this philosophy and they are taking products and the magic of invisible forces into schools.The inspiration behind this project came directly from teachers who over the years and in many different countries have used Geomag products as teaching tools.

Geomag products definitely qualify as tools for STEM learning. STEM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to learning, where students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in contexts that represent real-life experiences and applications.

With Geomag fun is guaranteed. Imagination, intelligence, magnetism and gravity are only some of the invisible forces that make play experience fun and educational.

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