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Twerking Llama will be 2019’s must have toy of the year

Available now, there is a new toy in the town. The robotic llama that dances to music and also twerks. Boppi the twerking llama from the Pets Alive range shakes its booty and dance to the three unique songs. 2019 London Toy Fair, experts reckon that the llama is set to become one of the must have toys of the year. Packaging refers as ‘Boppi the booty shaking llama’ which runs off 4 X AA batteries.

Zuru, have a range of living animals, from Dinosaurs, Snakes, Spiders, Cockroaches. According to experts, it is set to be the favourite toy of 2019. Many People think it will become as popular as Furbies.

twerking llama

twerking llama

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