Getting Active After the Christmas Slump

Getting Active After the Christmas Slump

During Christmas we all eat too much and with computer games and streaming TV being such a factor to daily life, it’s easy to forget the importance of getting active! So in our post-Christmas blog, we thought we’d dedicate some time to getting active and give you our top ten recommended toys and gifts that promote fitness and well-being, while offering a lot of fun!

  • 1.One of our top toys is the Rock’N’Hopper. It’s a mix of a balance board and pogo and is surprisingly fun to use!

The ball is made from tough rubber and inflated so that you can stand on it and bounce away!

This piece is all about balance and can provide hours of fun and makes a great alternative to a scooter!

This board offers amazing carving power and good cruise speeds, so is ideal for older teenagers looking for something new to try.

We recommend using protective gear including a helmet and pads for these kind of toys.


  • 3.If you want to get the children outside with more interactive toys, then perhaps take a look at our Bosch Garden Bundles. These fantastic kits offer all items required for little helpers in the garden. The set includes a wheelbarrow kit, a garden tool trolley and a chainsaw (not real). If you are a gardener yourself, then this kit is a great way to encourage that hobby in your little one’s.
  • 4.The Space Hopper is an old and tested toy used by a few generations at least now. This funky toy is great fun but also a brilliant way to get your children active. It’s simple to use as well! Inflate, sit on and hop. There is a reason it has lasted so long in the toy world too. It’s always good fun!
  • 5.For some classic fun and active play, then we recommend the BMX Big Wheel Xootz Green Push Scooter. It’s a fantastic scooter and ideal for a trip to the park for some fresh air. This one is suitable for both beginners and intermediate riders too, so very versatile.

The scooter has heavy duty steel construction, durable wheels and a nice wide step to stand on, so it feels very secure.

  • 6.For something that’s going to offer active play and a challenge, then why not help them hone their football skills with the Kickmaster Ultimate Football Challenge Set? This fantastic set includes 3 kick figures, 6 passing target hoops, a chipping target zone, 4 training cones, 1 ball and a 4ft steel goal. If you want to encourage skill, coordination and get them active they will love this set. It can also be used as a great game for a children’s party!

Here at Straight 2 You we’ve got a great selection of outdoor toys so why not take a look and see how you can get your children active in 2024!

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