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Create Your Own Crystals Laboratory Clementoni by Science Museum

A unique kit for discovering the chemical reactions of salts and creating lots of types of crystal

Headu 123 Montessori Touch Bingo 3-6 years Kids Childeren Education Game

An engrossing game of touch bingo, thanks to the emery-polished tokens and to the progressive counters from 1 to 9, children can complete their own cards with the numbers and quantities, thus learning to make their first sums.

Headu Discover Memo Game for Children 3-6 years Stem 50 Tokens Educational

Each animal has its own shape and colours! With this game you can associate each animal with its correct coat and get practice in observing lines and colours that design different shapes, thus developing your ability to observe in a truly original way.

Headu Montessori Touch 2 Piece Puzzle Jigsaw Kids Children 2-5 years

Lots of two-piece puzzles for very young children! Re-assemble lots of puzzles of the farm and realise delightful settings, all of which are different. Each of these consists of two large pieces, has self-correcting inserts and many tactile details.

Headu Monttessori My First Farm Educational Puzzle Kids Children 2-4

A game for sensory coordination Children assemble the sturdy puzzle and have fun inserting the wooden animals in the appropriate spaces. The game is made with quality materials that are suitable for very young children.

HEADU Tactile Aminals Childrens Montessori Education Kids 2-4

Insert, compose, touch and learn! In addition to assembling 6 large 2-piece puzzles, children can exercise their sensory perception by searching the small bag for the special tactile tokens, each one of which corresponds to a different animal.

HEADU The Castle of the Knights Children Educational Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Toy 3- 6

Place all the pieces in an orderly manner on a playing surface and urge children to put together the mini-puzzles of the elements. When all of them have been put together and positioned correctly, children can name them one at a time, pronouncing the names aloud and picking them up in their hands or pointing to them.