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Jigsaws Puzzles

We stock a wide range from Clementoni, Headu,  Trefl of quality Puzzles/Jigsaws fun for all the family.
Enjoyment and educational for all ages.
In our Children's section we have character puzzles from Peppa Pig, Spiderman, Thomas and Friends, Disney, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse to name a few. 
Our adults section has puzzle's of famous places, buildings, impossible puzzle to name a few.





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Anne Stokes Collection Winter Guardians Puzzle Jigsaw 1000pcs

In her striking and evocative imagery, internationally acclaimed artist, Anne Stokes, takes us on a voyage into her fascinating world of sensual and mysterious creatures. Experience the magic with this highly detailed, fascinating winter design

Clementoni 24PC Maxi Avengers Super Colour Puzzle Jigsaw

24 x 48 Maxi Avengers jigsaw puzzle for children by Clementoni

Clementoni Art of Disney Rataoille 1000pc Panorama Jigsaw Puzzle

Part of the new exclusive puzzle line ‘The Art of’ collection, dedicated to real collectors to experience the magic of the great Disney classics through fine brushes by great artists in Clementoni's new Ratatoille panorama jigsaw puzzle

Clementoni Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle 500pcs

Discover a story behind every animal in Clementoni's new Disney Mickey Mouse themed jigsaw, with 500 pieces with the most precise fitting, fascinating images and quality printing.

Clementoni High Quality New York 1500pc Puzzle

The most striking images, the quality of the print, the precision of the pieces, the robustness and the preciousness of the materials in Clementoni's new 1500 piece puzzle of New York City.

Clementoni Jigsaw PUZZLE 1000 Pcs BLACK BOARD

The 'Blackboard Puzzle' range will add a refined finish to your home in just a few easy steps, once you have assembled the puzzle, simply apply any standard PVA glue on the back side, then hang it up where ever you wish and let your creativity run wild!

Clementoni Llama Clock Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle to build and transform into a cute clock for the bedroom.

Clementoni Measure Me Disney Princess Large Wall Jigsaw 21x118cm

Immersive images with bright, flickering colours to help children develop sighting, logical and crafting capabilities in this fantastic, unique puzzle which can be hung on the wall to measure a child's growth development. Add pictures and note the dates in the spaces provided.

Clementoni Small Winnie the Pooh Light Up Plush Teddy

Sweet melodies will lull and relax your child, accompanying them into the land of dreams with this beautiful new Winnie the Pooh toy.

Clementoni The Art Of Disney’s Tangled 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Clementoni's new exclusive puzzle line ‘The Art of’ collection, dedicated to real collectors to experience the magic of the great Disney classics through fine brushes by great artists. Colourful and engaging images that bring the Tangled characters back to life through great detail.

Clementoni Viritual Reality Las Vegas Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc

The new collection of Clementoni puzzles that allows you to experience a virtual reality inside the puzzle! The application recognises the image and reproduces a photo of the puzzle in the device; when the viewer is worn, it can be viewed at 360°.

Create Your Own Crystals Laboratory Clementoni by Science Museum

A unique kit for discovering the chemical reactions of salts and creating lots of types of crystal

Frame Me Up Make a Wish Jigsaw Puzzle 250 pcs by Clementoni

A new line of puzzle with an innovative design all to be framed and hung without glue thanks to the special cardboard frame which is easily assembled

Headu Monttessori My First Farm Educational Puzzle Kids Children 2-4

A game for sensory coordination Children assemble the sturdy puzzle and have fun inserting the wooden animals in the appropriate spaces. The game is made with quality materials that are suitable for very young children.

HEADU Tactile Aminals Childrens Montessori Education Kids 2-4

Insert, compose, touch and learn! In addition to assembling 6 large 2-piece puzzles, children can exercise their sensory perception by searching the small bag for the special tactile tokens, each one of which corresponds to a different animal.

HEADU The Castle of the Knights Children Educational Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Toy 3- 6

Place all the pieces in an orderly manner on a playing surface and urge children to put together the mini-puzzles of the elements. When all of them have been put together and positioned correctly, children can name them one at a time, pronouncing the names aloud and picking them up in their hands or pointing to them.

Marvel Universe Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle Clementoni 1000pcs

Part of the IMPOSSIBLE Clementoni line: an elegant puzzle line made for those who have the passion for detail

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 1000pcs Jigsaw Puzzle Clementoni

A host of jigsaw puzzles with original illustrations that reproduce weird wonderful and à-la-mode animals

My First Disney Princess Puzzle Jigsaw 3/6/9/12 Pcs by Clementoni

3-6-9-12-piece jigsaw puzzles, four shaped puzzles with increasing levels of difficulty, made using thick and resilient maxi tiles.

Toy Story Art of Disney Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pcs by Clementoni

Part of the new exclusive puzzle line ‘The Art of’ collection, dedicated to real collectors to experience the magic of the great Disney classics through fine brushes by great artists.