Latest ATMOSFEAR Horror Theme Board Game

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Atmosfear is a horror themed board game played alongside an app that alters the experience every time

Latest ATMOSFEAR Horror Theme Board Game

Brand new version of the horror themed board game, Atmosfear. The original game was an international bestseller and award winning phenomenon, made unique as it was played alongside a running videotape. This updated version has a similar premise, but plays with an app in the background (compatible with Android and Apple devices).

At the start of the game, players are greeted by their terrifying host, The Gatekeeper, who talks to the group directly from the screen. Throughout the game, The Gatekeeper reappears to hand out punishments, rewards, and new twists to the gameplay, adding an exciting angle that's quite unlike any other board game on the market. The app randomises the experience every time, so no two games are ever alike!

Players take it in turns to roll the dice and travel around the board, collecting keystones from the six areas whilst doing their best to deal with whatever complications The Gatekeeper can throw at them. You also need to watch out for your fellow competitors, who can challenge you to duels and steal your precious keystones away from you! The first player to collect six keystones and face their fear in the centre of the board wins. But if the game lasts more than an hour, everybody loses, except The Gatekeeper...
App assisted horror board game
Updated version of the award winning original
Game hosted by The Gatekeeper
Players constantly engaged and tormented by the app's host
App randomises the game experience every time
High quality plastic and card game pieces
Compatible with Apple and Android devices
For two to six players

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