PAPO 55057 32cm Long Running T-Rex Dinosaur Animal Action Figure

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PAPO 55057 32cm Long Running T-Rex Dinosaur Animal Action Figure 

Product Dimensions: L 32 x H 12 x W 6 cm(Approx)

The mouth wide open, the claws out, the current T Rex impresses for sure! One of the most famous species, it is known for its ferocity: its name means "King of reptilian tyrants". 
With vigorous little arms and a long, powerful tail serving as a counterweight to his massive skull, this reptile seems ready to face the feathered Velociraptor. 
In reality, he was more of an opportunistic vulture than a true predator. His new colors will attract all eyes.

PAPO offers the legendary T Rex with new colors: it will not fail to attract all palaeontologists in herbs. Living 70 million years ago, this biped was the largest carnivore of all time. With his gigantic body and massive mouth with sharp 20cm teeth, he was a great predator.

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